Wednesday, 3 June 2009

US Can be ''Role model'' to Muslim world - Obama

A WHAT!? What planet is this man on? Another Obama classic, that, people, is why he is THE worlds favourite Uncle Tom.

So, Uncle Obama, what could us Muslims learn from the great US, the red white and shite of America?

Well, for one, sorry to my fellow blacks out there, but if we really want to be like the great US, we'll all have to go back on the shackles for a few hundred years, followed by another century poultry welfare and police beatings. Wow!

So, Muslim women of the world, how can you be like the girls of your great American counterparts? Well, first of all you may aswell chuck any veils/headscarves/sari's/concealing clothes out and bring in mini-skirts, boob-tubes, low cut tops and all things slutty. Fed up of married life? Hey, why not have a boyfriend for a few weeks, sleep with him and never see him again, later to find out you have every sexually transmitted disease known to man. Fed up with your jobs? why not try your hand at pornography or getting your bits out for taccy magazines?

Lets not forget us guys, what can we learn from the great US of A? Well, it's a little known fact that a rape is reported every 10 minutes or so in the USA, a cultural export already introduced to Iraq by American soldiers. Also, many US citizens are ''clinically obese'', or extremely fat in simple terms, as many American, and indeed westerners, love to stuff their faces full of greasy food made cheap through exploitation of other nations. Nothing to do on a weekend? Why not go to a bar, get insanely drunk and start a fight? Just like they do in the great US of A.

Wow, what a wonderful role model the US is, wow, thanks uncle Barack.