Saturday, 9 May 2009

Answering Atheism

If god's real why do so many bad things happen?

Well, pretty much all religions have do's and dont's, because if you do you will all create a society full of bad things. It's fair to say pretty much all religions have their do's and dont's openly violated, so things go wrong in society, our faults not gods.

What about the big bang and other scientific discoveries?

If you looked at religions and their holy scripts, one inparticular might cause you to rethink.

Why does god allow people to die and get diseases like cancer?

If every person who has ever lived was still here, we'd all live in poverty. If you looked at religions you may find one that tells you to look after yourself (Excercise, healthy eating, no smoking maintain hygeine etc) if you do that, cancer and many other diseases are unlikely to come to you

Why would god let war happen?

God gives humans freewill, this way, those that do bad will know theyve done bad and be shown what they've done, then punished, so that a persons soul can be purified and not feel like they've been treated unjust.

Religion causes war

Does it? no religions tell people to fight war, sometimes religion can be used as an excuse by some, but those people aren't really in it for religion.

If religion can be used as an excuse then shouldn't it be done away with?

No. Gold has caused war, race has caused war, oil has caused war, they cant be gotten rid of anymore than faith, either because it's impossible or these things and others are needed by us. Were these things not around people would find other ''reasons''. There is only one cause of war, human beings.

Surely the world would be a better place without religion though?

No, it'd be far worse, without faith in a god or supreme being, people will have less morals, less guidance and less abstinance from things that they shouldn't be doing, then tell themselves there's ''nothing wrong with it''. The guidance of a religion can see a person maintain discipline and keep away from trouble

Back in caveman times and a while past that period, there was no proper concept of god or a supreme being, and when there was they were fabricated, or involved idol worship, and seen as favouring their tribe to butcher others, this before the holy scripts that forbin tribalism and brutality. There was definately no morality then. Brutal regimes, such as the Soviet regime and the North Korean regime, both declare/d atheism as their state religion. To this day, both North Korean and modern Russian society are known for lack of religiosity and ethical deprivation within their societys.

What's the evidence that suggests god is real?

Reverse the question, what's the evidence to suggest he isn't real? Most atheists have never read a holy book or script, so they have not heard the beliefs and explanations, if they did, again they may be surprised. They claim to not believe, yet they don't know what it is they are disbelieving. Another annoyance is that atheists based their arguements on making points against the bible, is Christianity the only religion?

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